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  • 01. What are prepaid water meters?

    Prepaid water meters are meters or water consumption measuring devices that allow water users to pay for their water in advance. Unlike conventional meters, these allow consumers a great deal of control over their water consumption patterns and expenses.

  • 02. Who is eligible to get a prepaid water meter?

    Any ZINWA client is eligible to get a prepaid water meter and can express interest to get one at their local ZINWA offices

  • 03. Do prepaid water meters make water cheap or expensive

    Consumers on the prepaid system pay the same tariffs as those on the post paid water system except that they only pay in advance.

  • 04. Do prepaid water meters require ZINWA staff to make monthly meter readings?

    Consumers are able to read their own meters which also alert them when their paid for water is about to be exhausted.

  • 05. How do I pay for my water using the prepaid meter system?

    When one has a smart phone, they are able to make payments anytime and from anywhere using a mobile application they are furnished with upon getting prepaid water meters installed at their premises. Only in exceptional circumstances can a client need to visit the ZINWA payment offices to top up

  • 06. Do I need to pay the full amount based on my previous bills?

    Prepaid meters allow you to pay any amount you have at the moment and do not oblige one to pay based on historical consumption.

  • 07. What happens when I get a prepaid meter but still owe ZINWA?

    One can still enjoy the prepaid system whilst servicing his arrears accrued when he/she was using the post paid metering system. The ZINWA billing system allows part of the money paid for water to go towards the servicing of the outstanding amount while the rest is converted to appropriate prepaid water units.

  • 08. In some cases water is billed using estimates. How do the prepaid water meters cater for that?

    With prepaid meters, there is no use of estimates as the client can only get water based on what he would have paid. Clients get water that is equivalent to what they would have paid for. In fact, prepaid water meters eliminate the challenges and problems associated with the use of estimates

  • 09. Do prepaid water meters lead to high water consumption or payments?

    Prepaid water meters give clients power to determine how much water they can use and make it possible for consumers to align their consumption with their budgets. Prepaid meters, through the mobile App can also alert consumers of any unusual water consumption and this helps the consumer to adjust or to repair any leaks that may be leading to such unusual water consumption.

  • 10. I stay in a company/ Government house and can get transferred to a place where another occupant may leave unpaid bills for me. How does the system help me?

    With prepaid post paid water meters, water was billed in arrears, meaning bills came well after consumption and many people inherited huge water debts from previous occupants but with the new system clients cannot accumulate bills.

  • 11. How do prepaid meters help improve the water situation in my area?

    Prepaid meters encourage water conservation as consumers seek to align water usage to their budgets. Water conservation makes water available to more people. Secondly, under the post paid metering system, ZINWA operators would spent significant amounts of time reading meters and delivering bills and with prepaid meters, these human resources will now be channeled towards other activities meant to improve service deliveries such as responding and repairing breakdowns.

  • 12. Is it possible to pay for my prepaid water using digital payment platforms

    One can easily purchase prepaid water using the Authority’s various digital payment platforms namely Ecocash, OneMoney and CBZ Touch. The only difference, however, is that where the client is asked to enter his/her account number, they should make sure they don’t make the mistake of entering their old post-paid account number.

  • 13. Does the introduction of the prepaid system require disconnected clients to abandon their old accounts and make new applications?

    When a disconnected client is introduced to the pre-paid system, he/she is allocated a new pre-paid account number. However, this does not mean the old account number and the amount owing is thrown away. Rather, the amount owing from the old account is transferred to the new account such that whenever the client purchases prepaid recharge tokens, a percentage of the amount paid will go towards the legacy bill.

  • 14. Should my prepaid meter break down or malfunction, who is responsible for fixing it?

    Just as is the case with the current post-paid system, a pre-paid meter is a measuring device which remains a property of ZINWA and therefore, it naturally follows that when a prepaid meter breaks down or develop problems, clients should simply report the matter to their nearest ZINWA office. It is the responsibility of ZINWA personnel to fix or service malfunctioning pre-paid meters.

  • 15. Are clients expected to buy prepaid meters and if yes, is payment expected upfront?

    Currently ZINWA is installing prepaid water meters for clients free of charge. However; if the meter gets damaged, stolen or malfunctions, the client will be expected to replace the meter at own cost.

  • 16. Has the pre-paid system been tried elsewhere in Zimbabwe

    The rolling out of pre-paid meters by ZINWA follows a successful pilot project in Chivhu and Mvurwi where a total of 470 pre-paid meters were connected and have been operating since 2019.

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